Frequently Asked Questions


1) Is the Phantom Airborne Brigade (PAB) a for profit company?

a.    NO we are registered as a NOT FOR PROFIT veterans organization, that has been in business for the past 26 years, and are in the process of getting 501c19 Status.

2) How do I join the PAB?

a.    You have to be a Military trained parachutist

b.   Provide proof of above, only acceptable document is DD214.

c.    Fill in all documents, Membership Fee, release of liability etc

d.   Get a multicam uniform & green or multicam Fast Base Jump helmet

e.   Participate in sustained Airborne training before jumps

f.    Make regular jumps with PAB

3) Who can’t join PAB?

a.    Anyone that is not a military trained parachutist

b.   Civilians with no military experience (civilian military “Jump wings” courses do not qualify)

c.    Military that did not complete the appropriate course while serving (civilian military “Jump wings” courses do not qualify)

d.   Anyone who belongs to another US based round parachute jump group (we like loyalty)

4) Where is PAB based?

a.    Skydive City, Zephyrhills, Florida

5) How often do you have to jump?

a.    As a full member - about twice a month and at demonstrations, and air shows.

b.   As an associate member- whenever you can get down

6) How much does it cost? This is the BIG question and there is no one simple answer as there are too many variables, below are guides only and not firm...

a.    As a full member – you are expected to pay your dues and purchase a chute and reserve, which remains the property of the PAB.

b.   Each jump costs approx. $60 including repacking by US Army Master Riggers.

c.    Reserve repack approx. $20 every 6 months and for water jumps other equipment as needed.

d.   Prices are entirely dependent upon cost of aircraft; for a Twin Otter see above – for a C47 $350+.

e.   For an associate member (one who jumps only a few times per year); Currently $100 membership per annum, $150 for first jump and $60 thereafter.

7) Can I bring my own Chute reserve and or rig?

a.    NO

8) Can I borrow the PAB equipment for a jump elsewhere?

a.    NO

9) Do I have to pack my own chute?

a.    NO we have the manufacturer’s Master Riggers do that. The ones we use are perhaps the most experienced in the country they actually train other Master Riggers

10) Can we come and watch?

a.    YES!   Skydive City has a defined spectator area and we ask you stay in that area. When PAB air activities are over and we have completed After Action Review we would welcome all airborne to join us. NOT before or during BUT after.


Frequently Asked Questions For Reunion Jumps

 1) Can we come and watch?

a.    YES Skydive City has a defined spectator area and we ask you stay in that area. When PAB air activities are over and we have completed After Action Review we would welcome all airborne to join us. NOT before or during BUT after.

2) Do I have to buy a special uniform?

a.    Our standard training uniform is the multicam uniform. We use other uniforms to perform as requested time period demonstrations.

 b.    WE ARE a Military Veterans Organization and have pride in our look.

 c.   Your boots should be suitable for the job and the appropriate color for the uniform

 d.    You need an approved helmet. 

3) Why is 15 the minimum?

a.    Because a C47 or equivalent costs over $2000 per hour to operate with a minimum of 3 hours. We need 15 paid persons to pay the deposit on the aircraft when we book it.

b.   We do not book it UNTIL we receive those monies, which is why we sometimes have to move the actual day or propose an alternate aircraft if there are no C47’s available.

c.    Do the math, we still need 20+ plus to break even on the aircraft then pay for DZ fees, repacking, and a host of other stuff.   As said above, we truly are NOT FOR PROFIT.

4) What happens if I can’t make it?

a.    After we pay the deposit there are no refunds to us therefore no refunds to you.

5) What happens if I refuse to jump?

a.    We do not throw you out, you sit back down and enjoy the ride.

b.   We ARE all paratroopers and have NOTHING to prove.

6) Do I get USA jump wings if I make 5 jumps?

a.    NOT with us, we do not allow civilians to jump with us therefore no one needs any more jump wings, if you are a wings collector we suggest ebay.

b.   You do however get a certificate of participation from time to time.

7) How many Jumps do I get?

a.    We plan for 2 but that is up to you, the aircraft, and the weather.

8) Do you issue refunds if weather causes cancellation?

a.    NO the aircraft and other fees still have to be paid. Even paratroopers can’t control the weather. We can say that as we operate in Florida we can’t remember a day we had to cancel a C47 jump due to weather. We always plan the following day as a weather day.

9) Do you provide training?

a.    NO you are already a trained paratrooper.

b.   YES we do provide a pre-jump refresher and we DO check that you can perform aircraft, air, and ground drills. AND can complete the required PLF without issue.

10)     How do I prove I am a paratrooper?

a.    Veterans provide a copy of their DD214 or equivalent WELL in advance. We will have it checked.

b.   Active Duty serial number unit etc WELL in advance and again we will check.

11)     Are there any other forms to fill in?

a.    Of Course.  Unfortunately this is a litigious society and YOU are about to voluntarily participate in an activity that some would deem dangerous, and although the PAB have NEVER had a serious issue in over 20,000 jumps we cannot control fate, which is why as well as the application form and DD214, you will also sign a release of liability for the PAB, Airfield, and Aircraft Operators, to name but a few.

b.   And any other document deemed necessary by our esteemed legal colleagues