Thank you for inquiring about joining the Phantom Airborne Brigade.

Almost all applicants begin here... as a non-jumper member (supporter), as a jumping member, or as a Full Member of the Demonstration Team.

TO JUMP WITH THE PAB, or become a full member, YOU MUST BE a GOVERNMENT Trained MILITARY QUALIFIED PARATROOPER, Active duty or veteran, WITH QUALIFICATIONS STATED AS SUCH ON DD214 /1307 as appropriate

As a supporter you don’t have to be a military qualified paratrooper, however you can be (and we welcome all paratroopers jumping or not) and you understand that you cannot make a jump with the PAB until you provide proof of airborne qualification by way of DD214.

As an Associate member you are expected to participate as often as you can.

  1. You don’t have to purchase your own parachute, but you have to use the PAB supplied air equipment.

  2. You are required to wear the uniform of the day (currently multicam) plus specified boots and hat/helmet.

  3. Your first jump with the PAB will cost $200 (unless part of a reunion group event in which case it may vary), which includes one year membership in the PAB, jump and repack fees for your first jump, and the use of equipment and basic refresher training. Note water jumps and jumps from advanced aircraft will cost more.

  4. Subsequent jumps will be at the prevailing rate (approx. $60 for air equipment owners, $100 for non owners), but also dependent upon aircraft, packing costs, etc. (for instance, water jumps and C47 missions are typically more).

  5. Becoming a Full Demonstration Team member requires a greater time commitment to achieve the minimum jumps required for public demonstrations, demonstrated proficiency in canopy control accuracy, etc. and a contribution to equipment costs.

Are you interested in joining?  Fill out the brief form below and contact us to learn more...

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DO NOT provide us with AN "ebay" DD214 ...we do have it checked through channels.

YOU ARE NOT A JUmping Associate MEMBER UNTIL proof of status has been confirmed and you receive an id card from the pab at the DZ

The PAB is a private "Not for Profit" Florida registered veterans organization, and is in no way connected with, or affiliated with, any other veterans Organization or Association. Nothing in any of its documentation should be construed as otherwise.





Appearance in Photographs or images used on this or other PAB sites

By engaging in or participating in any PAB event or activity you give permission for the PAB to use any and all images of you, at any time or for any reason the PAB Inc. wishes.

If you do not wish your image or picture to be used please write to the PAB inc at its corporate office and we will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure no future event or activities contain your image if reasonably practicable.

Due to today’s technology we may not apply this to any images taken before we receive your request in writing.