Our sponsoring partners are so important and we cannot accomplish much without them. 

What do you get as a sponsor?

Apart from the knowledge that your money is put to immediate and good use, you get visibility globally with the thousands of Allied Paratroopers and their families, friends, and supporters.

 What can that visibility mean as a business proposition?

Both the 82nd Airborne and The Parachute Regiment are the basis of the elite allied special forces. As such they often provide the breeding ground for future influential military and political leaders.

They provide the proving and training ground which provides civilian companies with a ready willing and RELIABLE workforce, who are highly educated, motivated, loyal, and hard workers, with skills that run the gamut across industry and commerce needs from Logistics warehouse workers (e.g. Home Depot Lowes etc), to the most complex electronics and digital systems technicians (Lockheed Martin, Microsoft etc) to superb leaders who can be relied upon to understand the task and accomplish it on time every time i.e. excellent project managers (Consulting. Disney, Boing, or any company in reality)

The above is apart from obviously being highly trained in all security aspects and roles. (G4S, Allied Barton, Academi, Pinkerton etc )

Place an Advertisement in the monthly magazine, sponsor a hospitality room at the annual airborne conventions, give generously (even anonymously if you wish) to the VISIT program. provide office equipment and software (we are in desperate need to upgrade from XP and need accounting software), 

In other words help bring this organization into the 21st century and assist in sustaining the good work for years to come. 


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