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Upcoming Missions

September 2019

Mass Tac jump along with a Competition event

1st Annual Airborne SOB Jump Fest 20th to 22nd September 2019

Want to get back in the air again? Watched all the jumps for the 75th D day celebration and longed to be there as well? Went to Normandy, however budget doesn’t run to Holland in September?

Then come to Zephyrhills Skydive City to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Market Garden AND POW MIA day with The Phantom Airborne Brigade.

We have planned 2 C47 Jumps (early a.m. and early Evening) and in between, the FIRST annual Military Round Canopy Accuracy competition exclusively for Airborne Qualified Veterans and Active Duty. We already have a Canadian Active Duty / reserve team who intend to take the bragging rights north. If you jump with a Round Canopy Team and can get 6 Military Airborne trained you can enter a team. You get 2 jumps each, one from 1500 and one from 3000 (weather permitting).

And, if you are in a Florida based Airborne Association Chapter, why not have your September monthly meeting at the Drop Zone, surrounded by your airborne brothers. Lets make an annual event of it and call it Florida All Airborne Days…

 Click below for more information and to book your place for this very special event. Manifesting for the Mass Tac jumps has a limit, and will be on a first come first served basis, so book early to guarantee your place.

Update: The event is full but a Stand-By list is being kept. Go to the site above for details. Even if you can’t jump with us this year, you should still come out and join us for an awesome Airborne weekend!

Stand by for details of other short range scheduled ops...

Phantom’s Long Range 2019 Schedule is forecast to be as follows:

NOTE: These dates are tentative only and subject to change!!

Aug    … No mission this month due to the very large event planned in Sep.

Sep    21 See our special announcement (above) for the First Annual Phantom Jump Fest!!

Oct    19

Nov    9

Dec     14


Past Missions

  Take a look back at some of the Phantom Airborne Brigade's events...

July 14, 2019

A routine land jump training mission followed yesterday’s water jump to complete a great Airborne weekend. Up next is a stand down month to prepare for Jumpfest in September!

July 13, 2019

Water Jump

An excellent summer mission…. operating out of our home DZ, Skydive City in Zephyrhills, FL… we put two plane loads into Lake Thonotosassa (Hillsborough County (NE of Tampa)). This was followed by a well attended social event back at the Home DZ.

June 22, 2019

A fantastic jump! Our two lift mission turned into a dual stage single lift due to the Drop Zone not being able to get us our second lift. We had two passes at 1500’ with some of our new members and followed that with three passes at 3000’. Our new members had not jumped in over 40 years(!) but as it always does, everything taught at Airborne school comes right back with the smell of jet fuel! ;-) Our our veteran jumpers released at 3000’ landed within 50’ of the target! … that was amazing to watch.

Up next.. our water jump in July!

May 11, 2019

A great day to jump. Weather was pretty close to ideal. A bit of wind of top but real nice on the ground. Two shout outs today… First, congrats to one of our newest members Sam for his graduation from college and his recent commision as a brand new National Guard Butter Bar.. err.. I mean 2nd Lieutenant in the National Guard. And by the way Sam joined us today for his CHERRY BLAST! Airborne All The Way Sam! And, Congrats to one of our most senior members Rick for nailing the target (the pea gravel pit) today! Amazing work Rick! Rick dropped from over a half mile away from the target and still found his mark.

April 13, 2019

Back to the basics with a routine training mission. The first pass in this mission was a tribute pass to a former member, Maj. Dunlap.

March 16-17, 2019

Phantom participated in the Tico Warbird Airshow this weekend. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate and as the winds were too high to safely jump, we had to stand down both days. However, at least we did get to ride in the C47 on the first day because we were ready to go right up until the final call was made to stand down. As we were boarding the plane the second day the flight crew noticed a mechanical problem so even if the wind would have let us jump that day, the plane was grounded. So, while it was a bit of a let down to not jump, at least we all got to partake in the the airshow and the company of other paratroopers.

Special thanks to local residents Toby and Gary for putting together a great cookout on Saturday night for the team, friends, and family.

March 1-3, 2019

On this date the PAB conducted a jump refresher training course for paratroopers heading to Normandy for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. In addition to the Jump refresher, a brush up on Jump Master skills was provided as was a full day of Rigger training. In all that training, a regular Phantom jump mission was conducted (to kick off the training event) as well as two training jumps for the students. In all, about 60 exits were made this weekend. Nearly every jumper came very close to the target which in some part at least was due to the outstanding weather we were fortunate enough to have.

We also welcomed several guests who stopped by to watch us jump and ask questions. Thanks to those who did and we hope to have you back soon.

And lastly, we celebrated the 450th jump by a long term Phantom Member. Congratulations Rick!

February 9, 2019

A challenging jump for sure on this day but all Phantom troopers made it safely to the DZ. We nearly filled two birds today as we ran back to back drops with about 26 jumpers. A great day of jumping!

January 12, 2019

Some days the wind is crazier than others… all jumpers made it safely to the ground but not necessarily where they should have. Most jumpers will tell you that it’s the challenging jumps that they remember… this one will be talked about for awhile.

December 8, 2018

Great drop today from 2k feet… Once the “wind dummies” of the first stick landed, all others easily hit the DZ. :-D

November 10, 2018

Scrubbed mission due to thick persistent fog… Still grabbed a few pics of paratroopers doing what they do… Hurry Up and Wait.

October 13, 2018

A great mission with all troopers easily hitting the DZ from 1.5 to 2k AGL. And it was great to have leaders from the 82nd Association join us today to watch the drop and participate in the Orlando Area At Large chapter of the 82nd Association meeting and breakfast.

September 08, 2018

We were all glad to see that the weather was once again favorable. Jump altitude was just over 2,000 ft which gave an additional bit of hang time to enjoy the magnificent view.

August 11, 2018

Water Jump

Sometimes Murphy's Law hits often and frequently...  and it did so today which caused just three jumpers to enjoy a cool refreshing splash down into Lake Thonotosassa in near perfect conditions.  To those who hand to land with the plane, all we can do is apologize, admit when things could have been done differently, and move forward with notes taken from the AAR.  

July 21, 2018

Well, maybe we can say the universe seeks balance...  with the exceptionally beautiful weather we were blessed with the last two jumps, maybe we were owed a bit of bad weather.  In the last three years we've only had to stand down due to weather one other time.  I guess the statistics are favorable.  We still carried on with the memorial to our Bother "Paratrooper Pete" though...  fare well Pete.  Hope to see you on that DZ in the sky.

June 16, 2018

Saturday morning greeted us with little to no winds and a sunny day...  we couldn't ask for better terms.  Fourteen jumpers exited at an altitude of 2,000 ft. due to the very favorable conditions.

There were two challenge coins on the line for the closest to center of the pea gravel pit (had to hit the pit to qualify).  While no one earned the coins this day, several members landed within a canopy of each other and almost spittin' distance of the pea pit.  All jumpers easily made the DZ after circling the DZ in a long ride down. 

May 12, 2018

Note: The Phantom Airborne Brigade is under new management as of this date.  

The PAB returned to Skydive City in Zhills!  Due to very low wind conditions we were able to jump from 2000' today.  Everyone landed well within easy distance of the target and had some great hang time getting there.

April 14, 2018


March 10, 2018


February 10, 2018


January 6, 2018


December 2, 2017

The weather could not have been any better.  What little wind there was was blowing right down the long grassed strip and all jumpers easily found their mark.  

November 11, 2017

Veteran's Day jump!   A full load of paratroopers dropped onto the DZ today in squirrelly winds aloft. Overall a great day to jump and it was a great to have some new faces with us today.  Welcome aboard.

October 21, 2017

A decent day for a jump.  Winds aloft were a bit high but all jumpers made it safely to the DZ.  A long time member made his 275th, and sadly, last jump with us this day.  We'll miss having you in the sky with us Pete, but hope you can join us for the after mission refreshments from time to time  :-)

September 23, 2017

Not a bad day but some jumps get a bit hairy and this was one for a few of us...  The reason we conduct routine training missions is to build skills under canopy and navigation under canopy is perhaps chief among the needed skills.  When the go command is given and the spot is off a bit, it is up to the paratrooper to assess the winds and Hold, Crab, or Run his chute into the best path for landing safely.  A few of us were scattered this time, but thankfully all landed safely, if not a bit wet due to some low water holding spots on the DZ.


August 12, 2017

A great mission made even better by having several new Phantom Members join us.  Three of which last jumped together 30 years ago!  This jump was held in conjunction with the 82nd Infantry Division's 100th Birthday!  Later of course it was remade into the famous 82nd Airborne Division.  We had two lifts of paratroopers jumping at 1500' with light winds from the south.  All easily hit the DZ with no incidents.  An outstanding Airborne day!

July 15, 2017

An outstanding mission! Insignificant winds on the DZ and only slightly breezy aloft made for a great jump.  With Brian as PJM all jumpers hit close to the mark with one directly on the bullseye (congrats Toby!).  Up next for Phantom is the August jump marking the 100th birthday of the 82nd Division. 

June 24, 2017

A mostly cloudy morning gave way to partly cloudy with very low winds aloft and on the ground which allowed for a higher than normal drop altitude.  What followed was a great ride down circling the DZ.  All jumpers easily made the DZ with no mishaps.  Great Jump!


June 10, 2017 - Water Jump

On this date the PAB conducted a water jump into Lake Thonotosassa.  The weather was almost perfect with next to no wind on the DZ (the lake).  All jumpers easily hit the target area with no mishaps.  Special thanks go out to the boat crews who plucked us out of the water before the gators got ballsy enough to bite a paratrooper  :-)


May 13, 2017

After an early morning RV at 0400, Phantom members went over night operation SOP and emplaned at about 0500.  After a quick flight we dropped three sticks over the DZ and had all three sticks land comfortably within the DZ.  It had been over 15 years since the PAB conducted a night mission...  it was awesome to return to this mode of Airborne operations.

Our second jump was scrubbed in the air on the pilot's call just before release of the first stick.  He could not see the DZ through the cloud cover but due to his angle in the cockpit could not tell that the ground was visible looking down from the Jump Masters viewpoint.

This might have been the first Op that I recall that we did not have our brother Neil with us on the DZ acting as our safety...  we hope you get well soon Neil!

April 15, 2017

On this date four passes of paratroopers dropped in on the DZ through quick winds aloft and light winds near the ground.  All jumpers found the DZ with no mishaps.

March 4, 2017

A makeup date from our foggy and overcast day last weekend where we had to stand down, we were treated with much nicer weather on this date, albeit a bit windy.  Dropping from about 1200 ft with winds aloft fairly quick but on the ground light, all jumpers managed to hit the center of the drop zone without issue.

February 11, 2017

The Paratroopers of the Phantom Airborne Brigade hosted the snowbird reunion on this date.  We had approximately 35 paratroopers making up to 3 jumps from a Twin Otter.  It was a morning chock full of jumping and camaraderie.  With no injuries, all paratroopers hitting the DZ, and fantastic weather, it was an outstanding experience.   

Photo credits for pictures below: Gustavo Morales.  Thank you Gustavo!

January 14, 2017

This event got off to a slow start due to some low cloud cover over the DZ.  After less than an hour delay though we were loaded up and taxiing down the runway with light winds aloft and next to nothing on the ground.  The scenery on the way down is usually stunning on a normal day but there's something about falling through clouds that makes it outstanding.  All jumpers easily hit the DZ with one hitting a bit harder than the others...  ;-)  It's the bruises that reinforce the importance of our training, specifically, a proper PLF.  


December 31, 2016 

Training Mission

This morning certainly started out down right cold but in typical Florida fashion, warmed up nicely to make temps at jump time pleasant.  We had a full bird and all jumpers easily hit the DZ despite strong upper winds.  This was an awesome way to close out a great airborne year!  Stay tuned for future events in 2017 as there are a lot of exciting jumps planned for this year including at least two jumps utilizing a C47 (The Tico Belle).

December 10, 2016 

Training Mission

A beautiful day, if not a bit chilly, brought a plane full of Phantom jumpers together for a jump that saw its share of challenges.  While most jumpers hit the DZ, a handful landed close by.  Thankfully no there were no injuries despite some rough terrain situations.  Not every jump can be perfect... and this is why we train.

Shout out and a big welcome to Scott and his son James who joined us for the first time on this date.  

November 26, 2016 

Training Mission

0800 hrs, wheels up, winds were more or less out of the North (348 degrees) @14 Kts. Exit altitude was 2500' AGL. All jumpers landed on the DZ without incident, surface winds were 5 Mph.

The jumpers are becoming more proficient at circumnavigating higher altitudes and acquiring the specified target area.



November 11th 2016

Veterans Day

 First lift wheels up @0800 hrs. Drop altitude was 2000' AGL. All made it back to the DZ, no injuries.

 Second Lift wheels up @0900 hrs. Drop altitude was 3000' AGL. All made it back to the DZ, no injuries. The only eventful occurrence took place on the first pass of the second lift. On the command of "stand by" the number one jumper in the door exited. He still managed to make it back to the DZ.

 After the Drop, LT. General LeMoyne issued American Flags to each of the jumpers and lead the team over to the spectator area, where the flags were presented to civilians on the DZ. I noticed that an unequal (disproportionate) number of Flags were given to Female Spectators, imagine that! 

 I could not imagine a better way to spend Veteran's Day. Great  group of Veterans!

Thanks Airborne!


October 22nd 2016 

Training Mission

Phantom made two jumps on this date.

September 11

Training Mission

A great jump on a beautiful day.  It was awesome having two jump events back to back this weekend.

September 10

Water Jump

A "cool" way to close out the summer.


July 16

Training Mission

Jumpers got in two jumps on this date.  First jump was from about 2800' while the second jump was moved to about 1500' due to increased winds.  Weather was near ideal for both jumps and all troopers hit the target area.

June 25

Water Jump

Weather fully cooperated with this jump!  All jumpers easily hit the target area and pick up was barely 3 minutes.  Awesome event!

June 18th

Training Mission

Phantom jumpers again got in two lifts this date.  Due to higher winds than the last jump, the altitude for both these jumps were a routine height of just over 1,000 ft.  We had a high percentage of jumpers hit within about 100 feet of the pea gravel pit.  Way to go Airborne!



May 28th

Training Mission

Phantom jumpers got in two lifts on this very nice day to be in the air.  The first lift dropped from 2500' and the second, 3000'.  The goal of these training jumps is to familiarize jumpers with increasingly higher exits and the canopy handling and target management that comes with it. 


May 14th

Training Mission

A great day to jump!  Weather is warming up for sure but it was nice this morning when the fog burned off.  Very little wind on the ground but some aloft out of the NNW.  We had 14 jumpers all make good landings on the DZ.  We also welcomed Marc on his first "land jump" with Phantom.

April 23rd

Training Mission

A frontal system passed by the day before and left a nice window to get a jump in today.  No winds at the surface turned into a slight breeze by the time we jumped but conditions were near ideal.  Shout out to Miguel and Rick who joined us for the first time on this jump...  Welcome!

April 9th

Water Jump - Lake Thonotosassa

Two aircraft dropped 29 paratroopers into Lake Thonotosassa this past Saturday.  The first flight of 14 were "reunion jumpers"...  paratroopers from varying eras of service who came together for one more jump.  Some have not jumped in over 20 years.  For some, it was their "Cherry Blast."

The conditions were windy but fortunately the winds were out of the NNW which almost blew perfectly down the centerline of the lake.  All jumpers had no problem landing in the target area.


March 26th

Training Mission

There was a bit of doubt about whether the weather would cooperate with us this morning but conditions were favorable if not a bit windy aloft come drop time.  Most all jumpers landed in the general target area and everyone had good landing.   Next up, WATER JUMP in two weeks.


March 12th & 13th

Air Show

The Tico Warbird Airshow began on Friday 11mar16 but the real fun began on Saturday when Phantom dropped thirteen jumpers in eleven seconds from the C47 - Tico Belle on that same thin edge of the airstrip that we had practiced on three weeks earlier.  But this time, the conditions were more difficult.  High winds not far below the safety threshold meant our team had to be extra diligent to stay on target, and stay safe.  With a high degree of skill, professionalism, and paratrooper fortitude, all jumpers hit this narrow target.  Landings were hard but rewarding.  Moments later warbirds, as part of the airshow, were strafing the airfield with machine gun fire and lighting it up with ordinance (theatrically speaking of course...  the pyrotechnics used in the show were outstanding).  The show, certainly including PAB's performance, was magnificent and one this paratrooper was proud to be part of.  

The scheduled Sunday jump, however, was not as glorious as the PAB team had to settle for just a C47 ride due to the winds picking up past what they were the day before to the point of being past the safety threshold and thus scrubbing our mission for that day.  

Also, kudos go out to the pilots and crew of the Tico Belle with the Valiant Air Command for their professionalism and teamwork.

All told, a great Airborne weekend!



And here's a bonus video of the jump as seen from the wing of the C47 Tico Belle!

13 Paratroopers exit a C47 in 8 seconds. 

February 20th

Air Show Rehearsal 

Jumping from this special C47, the "Tico Belle," Phantom Airborne members dropped in on the Spacecoast Regional Airfield this date in a rehearsal op to prepare for the upcoming airshow.  PAB paratroopers had to hit a thin DZ between a treeline and runway and the mission was an outstanding success with all jumpers landing in close proximity perfectly in the DZ.  

Next up, The Tico Warbird Airshow, March 11-13.


February 13th

101st ABN Reunion Event

This event was amazing.  Not only did about a dozen former 101st paratroopers hit the silk again after many years, but we used TWO Twin Otters for the drop.  Not exactly a "mass attack" but the mechanic is similar as it required coordination between the two planes.  Now the PAB heads off to Titusville for a rehearsal of


January 30th

Regular Training Jump

An incredible showing of accuracy by 12 jumpers exiting from 1500'...  all jumpers within about 175 feet of the pea gravel pit.  And Kudos to Chuck who led by example and was the only one to land inside the pit!  


January 16th

Regular Training Jump

We were fortunate to have this amazing day of weather between two days of storms.  We had slight fog on the DZ which burned of quickly once the sun rose.  Winds were almost nothing at the ground and about 10knts aloft out of the WSW.  Shout out to Gary who stopped by to visit with us.  We hope to see you again soon.


December 12th

Regular Training Jump

The weather was nearly perfect but for a bit of stiff wind aloft.  We had a great turn out which resulted in an almost full aircraft.  All four sticks of paratroopers landed in the DZ with a handful very near the target.


November 28th

Regular Training Jump

The plan was for two jumps this date but the weather said otherwise and we only got one.  A persistent low ceiling delayed the first jump until about 8:30 but when the sky cleared, not only did we get blue sky but we found a window of low winds that allowed for 3 sticks of jumpers to have a great ride down.  

Also... on his first jump with the group, we would like to welcome John to the PAB!


November 7th

Regular Training Jump

The weather was unseasonably warm but it was a nice day to jump.  In fact, it was a nice day to jump twice!  Our first jump was about 0745 with a follow up jump about 0930.  All jumpers were in a tight group surrounding the objective... a great effort by all!


October 17th

Regular Training Jump

With near perfect weather this was a fantastic day for a jump.  Special welcome to John, and a welcome back to Stan.


September 26th

Regular Training Jump

Rain the night before led to patchy early morning morning fog that thankfully did not linger over the DZ as skies were mostly clear come sun up.  There was a breeze aloft but little movement at the surface which helped all jumpers easily navigate to the target area.


September 5th

Regular Training Jump

It certainly hasn't started to cool off any in Central Florida yet so thank goodness for early and relatively cool morning jumps.  Look at one of the pictures below for a beautiful view from 1,500 feet up of the morning sun burning off the fog over the countryside of Zephyrhills.  


August 15th


C47 "Tico Belle" revisits Zephyrhills to celebrate the 75th anniversary of US Airborne Forces.

This was a spectacular event that featured three full aircraft loads of Veteran and Active Duty paratroopers from all US service branches as well as allied countries dropping in on the DZ of Zephyrhills Airport.   Not only did the Paratroopers experience "knees in the breeze" again, some after more than 40 years(!), but they got to share this with their friends and families who looked on from the spectators area.  If you missed your chance to participate in this event, keep your eyes on our "Reunion Jump" page for news of future events like this.


July 11th

Regular Training Jump

Practice makes perfect and in the video below of this training jump you can see footage of the jump from the helmet camera of a new member of the PAB.

Training Mission at Skydive City, Zephyrhills

Saturday June 27th

Water Jump - Lake Thonotosassa 

A great day all round, weather held off and time on target was spot on. Thanks to Robert for being the lead on this and Chuck as always for making it happen, extra thanks to Admiral Rick H for leading the fleet of recovery "ships" especially his boat as it picked me out of the clear blue waters of the lake.


Saturday 13th June

 Regular Training Jump

Great to see Jeff at the DZ, on a very mixed weather morning, we went from zero wind and next to zero visibility to blustery conditions with varying altitude of cloud cover. Take a look at the pics. As Jeff can confirm, today was another testament to the professionalism of the Phantom Airborne Brigade. We are prepared to wait for the correct conditions and maintain our number one priority SAFETY, thus maintaining our unblemished safety record. We waited almost 2 hours for the mist to clear and cloud to move above jump height (with additional mandated clearance above aircraft).  Then with blue skies ish! and winds below limits the team still managed to get extremely close to the target area, great job by all.


Saturday 16th May - Zephyrhills DZ

ToT 08:05

A great morning and an impressive show of accuracy by the Phantom Team Members.

This Jump from 1500' to add a little more difficulty to accuracy, with a variable wind of about 15 knots. The target as always is the "Pea Gravel" pit on Skydive City DZ. Check the photo's to see how close they all landed, a few closer than most square jumpers!!

For those who say Round Chutes accuracy is luck, you need to come down and watch this team of experts. Better yet come to the DZ join and become a member


Saturday May 2nd 2015

"Tico Belle", of The Valiant Air Command Titusville, was at Zephyrhills Skydive City the home base of The Phantom Airborne Brigade

Air operations began at approximately 08:00 hrs with the PAB achieving 2 Lifts. The weather was perfect and everyone who attended enjoyed a great day with great paratroopers.  The aircraft was from WWII, the paratroopers from every decade since, and ranks from Private to General. The spread of military experiences, the adherence to current military protocols, the equipment being maintained in an "as issued" standard by the manufacturer, and conforming EXACTLY to current military spec, is what makes The Phantom Airborne Brigade the most professional static line display team in the USA and the ONLY one maintaining such high standards leading to well over 50,000 descents without incident.




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The Phantom Airborne Brigade (PAB) is an Elite Static Line Display Team, consisting of Veteran and Active-Duty Airborne and Special Forces Troopers.

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