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Since 1940, Paratroopers have led the effort to protect freedom for everyone. Always surrounded and having to rely upon themselves to survive until help arrived.

In the 21st century nothing has changed, we need your help to survive as an association.

We use all of our finances to good cause with only legally required admin costs, 99%+ of funds received for the "VISIT Family" program reaches the Trooper and Family directly and swiftly. Our "cash tank" is almost always running on empty.

Corporate and personal sponsors are always required, be that in cash or kind. For example The Rosen Group of hotels have been a keen and active sponsor over the years provide many $K in cash and probably more in kind by providing meals, gifts for children, and accommodation free of charge (FOC) to the VISIT families we bring in to Orlando. SeaWorld has provided FOC entry and VIP visits to their theme Parks, both of these very generous sponsors we greatly appreciate and hope will continue the relationship far into the future.

We waste not a cent of your donation nor an iota of your goodwill.

Our Mission

Is Three Fold 

1) The Orlando Chapter 's aim is to provide Vacations In the Sun for Injured Troopers and Family (VISIT program). This program provides quality family time for active duty soldiers from the allied Airborne Wounded Warrior Battalions. Achieved by providing an all expense one week vacation in the sun for the trooper and his immediate family (Spouse and Children). Based on lowest rank having highest priority.

2) To Donate to the 82nd Airborne Scholarship Fund. This is self explanatory

3) To Donate to the 82nd Airborne General Operating and Welfare Fund. This general funds fills the gaps when troopers are deployed and at home by providing items for their general and personal comfort while deployed as well as contributing to the food banks (yes private soldier families need assistance)  family assistance and other areas as required back at base.

“This only happens to lottery winners not to ordinary people like us”.
”I cant express in words how much this has meant you have brought our family back together”
”we feel like royalty, we will remember this forever”
— recent recipients

What We've Achieved

Since 2010

  • in Afghanistan and Iraq:
    •  equipment and clothing cost $5000 +

    • -- Boxes to individual troopers  $10,000

      • +containing specific items they needed and requested

  • At Home

    • Food bank – Many Private Soldiers Families Need this support

    • Education Fund

    • Memorial Fund

    • VISIT Families program 20 Families -$50,000+